Daily Sketchbook {Days 38-47}

Processed with Moldiv

I spent 5 days playing with letters. It was lots of fun and I plan to revisit this theme later in the year.  I’m discovering that the hardest part of this project isn’t the doing but the documenting. I find it easy to post daily over on IG but rounding them up here has been a challenge. But I’m doing it.Processed with Moldiv
Then I went back to flowers. I don’t ever get tired of those. So now I’m on to something new but you will have to wait to find out what. Or follow along on Instagram. @dana.barbieri.

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Hi guys. I’m behind on posting my daily sketchbook pages here and that will be in my next post. We’ve been having snow after snow here but I’m feeling hopeful that spring is on the way.

I’m starting this post with just a few minutes left before I have to meet the school bus but I wanted to share some fun things with you.

*Sarah Campbell is teaching a workshop in Mexico called Adventures in Painting Patterns. I would LOVE to go to this. Take a peek here.

*The Sonia Delaunay exhibit is in Paris now and will be traveling to London next. This looks incredible. The video is in French. Maybe you can understand it? It’s still visually pleasing if not.

Exposition Sonia Delaunay | Musée d’Art moderne… by paris_musees

*Maybe this one is so much fun but it’s so important. I haven’t watched this movie yet but plan to shortly. Have you seen it? Would love to hear what you thought. Fed Up.

*Having just completed a hat for my husband I was intrigued to see this lady committing to knitting 25 hats in 2015. She lists all the hats she plans to complete and all of them except for one are free patterns.

*And speaking of knitting I signed up for this Craftsy class on knitting faster with continental knitting. I’m actually going really slow as she has taught a different way to tension the yarn and how to pay attention to where you are holding the stitch you just knit as it determines how loose or tightly you knit. I highly recommend it and I think it’s still on sale.

*Another fun workshop if you are interested in abstract painting is with Claire Desjardins in beautiful Vermont called Expressions in Paint

Well that’s it for now. I am now finishing this post just before it’s time to do the dinner routine. See you soon.

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Daily Sketchbook {Days 28-37}

The past ten day were spent playing with flowers. I bought lilies before they were blooming hoping they would bloom during the time I was spending on flowers. They didn’t start until nearly the end.

I really felt the need for color and promise of spring. So much snow and cold lately that imagining that things are different in my sketchbook was necessary.

I like my made up flowers much better then when I tried to draw from life. It just felt very fun to play with things from my imagination. To me that is what it’s all about.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.

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Days 23-27 {Daily Sketchbook}

I totally geek out over birds. We had a parakeet for 11 yrs. and if we didn’t have a cat I would get another one. He was definitely my first “baby”.
Lately as I’m packing lunchboxes and cooking breakfast I’m also watching my bird feeder and marveling at my little feathered friends. Cardinals are one of my favorites. I had fun by the end of the five days and began making up birds. Enjoy your week. xo

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Mats Assignment Bootcamp January

I signed up for Make Art That Sells Assignment Bootcamp course on a whim. I really was unsure of this ecourse. Would I be able to keep up? Would I be able to make a decent piece of art? Would I even enjoy making what we were asked to make? I knew all about Lilla Rogers and her wonderful reputation working with top notch artists. So far she has given a interesting assignment and lovely interview. All the other artists are so helpful. It’s truly a very supportive group.

My painted piece is above and as you can see it was for a journal cover. The theme was Edwardian Brooches. At first I wasn’t feeling very inspired by this subject but when I came upon the cameo brooches I got interested. I sketched out a few ideas and then worked with Lilla’s color palette to paint it up. I really love how imperfect she is and I’m happy I completed the assignment on time. On Tuesday 1/27 the gallery goes live. Go have a look at all the talent out there. You will be blown away. xoxo

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Days 18-22 {Daily Sketchbook}

I have a list of subjects for this project. I don’t even think houses made the list. I had been admiring the work of Grandma Moses and decided to give houses a try. Day 19 is very loosely based on our house and the rest are from ones in our village. I really enjoyed making wonky, imperfect houses. It as so much fun. I have a feeling I will revisit this subject this year.

Back to tossing ideas around for tomorrow. xo

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Joys and Blessings

I’ve been mentally noting joys and blessing lately but Anne reminded me of writing it down in her most recent post. So here’s mine.

*Sunny skies
*A lunch date with my husband
*Delicious food eaten on that date
*Chocolate Mint Rooibos tea
*Birthday calls, messages and cards
*That cute cardinal above sitting right outside my window this morning
*Bowling with the family
*My amaryllis blooming
*A deep, dark chocolate cake waiting to be covered in candles and eaten later tonight

What about you? Would love to hear yours.

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