Nature Walk


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Going on

I tried recording a Vlog a bunch of times today but it just wasn’t working and I had to stop. So here’s a snap of some of what I spoke of over and over while failing to record it. Hopefully next week it will work. Have a great weekend!

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Joy and Gratitude


It’s been so great to stop and acknowledge things that you are grateful for and bring you joy.

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Vlog 2- Knitting, dyeing and more

I came back with a video again. It was still hard but I like these little weekly chats.

The e-book I mentioned is called Botanical Color by Rebecca Desnos. Her site is here I believe you can now buy an actual book as well.
This is the avocado pitt dyed superwash merino and nylon yarn. What do you think?
I picked these zinnias this morning.

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Joy, Gratitude and Appreciation

I was feeling a bit of stress and worry this morning and decided to stop those thoughts and find some things to be thankful for. It made such a difference! I had a lot of fun and it helped me change my feelings. Stress and worry only exist in our minds anyway so why not replace those worry thoughts with feel good ones. Does it eliminate what was causing the worry? No, but that’s not the point. I thank Anne from My Giant Strawberry for being so good about writing her joy lists and inspiring us to do the same. I hope you try writing one of your own.

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Still playing


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