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Not giving up

I joined Arohaknits Initiate Knit Design challenge last week. It ran for ten days and Francoise Danoy gave really great lessons (for free) on how to design. She suggested something simple such as a cowl just to learn the process. I had really great inspiration and all of these great colors that went with it. I even ordered that red yarn (which I LOVE. I sketched out an idea, started a swatch (cable) and loved it but then lost my way. I tried to learn intarsia but that didn’t go well.

I still love the cable, the colors and textures. I’m not giving up on it and I have another idea for the cowl. A simpler way to still use my original inspiration and all these lovely yarns. It will just be a matter of swatches and being ok with changes that may still come about.

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Zinnias again

After feeling completely frustrated while trying to design a cowl I took a break to play with brushes and twigs.

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Sketch and a sock

Felt tip marker with water and a sock with my hand dyed yarn. Dyeing some brown today for the heels and toes.

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Sunday morning

Painted large with ink. It was tons of fun and free.

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The state of things


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It was a blink and the summer is over. Kids are back to school. Middle and 4th! Yikes. It’s only 3 days in but things still seem just as full as summer did. I had the idea today while driving to an appointment that I wanted to show up here but in a simple way. What does that mean exactly? Well, I’m thinking it’s a simple photo or 2 of what is going on. What I’m knitting, listening to, inspired by, reading, painting, etc. whatever seems fun. I don’t know how many or if any words will go along with the photo. I think this will take the pressure off of “Did I say the right thing the right way?”and the time it takes to do that. I want it to be enjoyable to me and you. I feel like that’s what it needs to be. Plus, I can be here more often that way. So in case you’re wondering that yarn above is my first acid dyed yarn. It’s for a pair of vanilla socks for my husband. It wasn’t exactly what I planned but it turns out I really like it.

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