The birthday party went off without a hitch and the now the new 6yr. old and almost 4yr. old are immersed in swimming. Swimming lessons, practice and play. This week is HOT here in NY so we are in the water alot.

This is where the inspiration for these little paintings came from.

We are off to Grandma’s now for more swimming but I wanted to mention two great e-courses coming up.

**Regina over at Creative Kismet is running a course called The Art of Giving! It is starting soon (8/1) so run over and sign up! It sounds great. I love because it is all about gratitude!

**Stephanie Levy has opened up registration for her Creative Courage e-course. 7 weeks of awesome things that starts in September. Here is the link to that!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    you are amazing Dana! Thank you so much! And enjoy your hot days at the pool! We have had such a cold and rainy summer here 🙁 You can send some of that hot weather to Germany please 🙂

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