Skein + Paint Week 2

january 13a

Maegan (l)/Dana (r)

Skein + Paint is a collaboration between two friends who share a love of color, texture, and art. Their idea was simple: that the crossing and mixing of various art forms would inspire something more. By using each other’s work as inspiration, they would stretch within their own work, gain insight into how others view that work, and inspire themselves and others toward future work. Creating in their respective mediums, each week one of them will have provided an image as a prompt and the other will have interpreted that prompt. Dana will be bringing images to life by hand with pencils, paints, pens, etc. Maegan will be working with yarn coupled with photography. The image that was the prompt will be featured on the left and the image that was the interpreted response will be on the right.

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  1. So charming – I love the personality you captured in all your cardinal paintings 🙂

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