Vlog 2- Knitting, dyeing and more

I came back with a video again. It was still hard but I like these little weekly chats.

The e-book I mentioned is called Botanical Color by Rebecca Desnos. Her site is here http://www.rebeccadesnos.com/. I believe you can now buy an actual book as well.
This is the avocado pitt dyed superwash merino and nylon yarn. What do you think?
I picked these zinnias this morning.

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2 Responses to Vlog 2- Knitting, dyeing and more

  1. anne says:

    Hi!! **big waves back**

    Absolutely loving your joy and gratitude and appreciation lists. They make me so happy!

    Your shawlette is so pretty! I saw a book at the library that made me think of you (it was headed to another library for a hold, but I put a hold on it to study more thoroughly). There are two volumes and they’re Curls 1 and Curls 2: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/curls-versatile-wearable-wraps-to-knit-at-any-gauge/patterns


    It was the second one I looked at and they’re just so pretty. Might (finally) inspire me to (finally) learn how to knit.

    You’ve gotten so good at knitting. I know it would just take me some time and concentration to do so, too. I just need to get over my initial intimidation.

    Oh, and the background in your new video is very pretty. Love all the zinnias!!

    Have a great weekend. Enjoy the last warm day. It’s cold here today, but will be warmer the next two days. I’m happy for sun either way. 🙂

    • Dana says:

      Hi Anne. Thanks for mentioning those books. I will look and see if our library has them and look at the on Ravelry. I do hope you start knitting. It’s a perfect time to start now that it’s getting chilly and you will be indoors more.

      Hey, think about how you felt about sketchbooks and now look at how much you’ve done.

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