November…so far

Here we are a few days into November and I seriously want to be knitting and painting all the things. There’s the Hitchhiker by Martina Behm. A colorwork hat I’m really excited about. The tension isn’t great and I’m not sure why except that I haven’t done much colorwork lately. I’ve also been painting watercolor wreaths nearly every day and loving it. I’ve shared here before. There’s something so soothing about a wreath shape and combined with the flow of the water and paints it’s just great to do. For some paintings I’ve been filling the middle with things that I’m grateful for, things that are bringing me joy and things I feel such great appreciation for. It has helped me to do this because it forces me to focus on what is right and turn away from what could be different etc. I think Oprah introduced me to gratitude lists years ago and I believe I did write some but then stopped. I would also mentally give thanks for things before going to sleep at night. I like that too but there’s something about writing it while thinking about it that has such power.

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