One Good Thing

I can’t remember if I heard Elizabeth Gilbert talk about it on a podcast or I read it in her book. She mentioned that she does (did) write down One Good Thing from her day on a piece of paper and put it in a box or bowl. No matter how crappy the day was there was at least ONE good thing about the day. I LOVED that idea so much. I started doing it with my family at the dinner table. They were used to me doing things like this. Before writing it down I would ask them to tell my something good from the day at bedtime. This way was more fun. I would hand out paper and we would take turns telling if we felt like it. Other times if we didn’t want to share it we just folded it up and I put them in an old crock. We would use scrap paper and date and sign it. We sadly fell out of the practice but I really want to start it up again. It’s a great way to think about your day and find at least ONE good thing from it. Of course there are days when there are many good things but then there are others that don’t feel so good but I believe we can look back on the day and find at least one. My kids saw me working on this graphic for you (and me) to use and I don’t know if they will be up for doing it anymore but I will do it and I will do it at dinnertime and share and just maybe they will too. I hope you will consider doing this also. It will be fun to do with your family and look back on it years down the road or just do it for yourself. If you right click on the image below you can save it to your computer and print from there.

Wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday season. I’m off to enjoy mine.

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