Stopping time

kkThis year more than ever I wish I were able to press pause right now. My little ones aren’t so little anymore. My oldest is 11 and the magic is really fading if not completely gone. My youngest is 9 and she’s starting to deal with the classmates that are naysayers and don’t believe anymore. She’s brought in her official letter from Santa to prove them wrong but I know it won’t be long now before the magic comes to a halt. It has felt that there has been a transition happening for a while now. I’m no longer a mother to little ones that need me as much as they used to. Now one is a tween and just about surpassing me in height, trying to act like he doesn’t need hugs from me (he does) and the other is one her way there. No not yet. Wasn’t I just rocking you to sleep?amll

Sometimes motherhood can feel like one really long and slow heartbreak. It’s all necessary I know but
still hard just the same. So I will be here pausing time as best as I can this holiday season. Holding tight
what magic is still left.

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  1. anne says:

    So beautifully written, Dana.

    And what a beautiful photo of your amaryllis!

    Savor each day is a good mantra no matter what the season.

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