The in between

 It’s now towards the end really. The holiday season that is. I hope yours was a good one. I’ve started to slowly pack up the decorations, the stockings have come down, the tree is still lit for a little bit longer. We’re still trying out new games, relaxing, and after a snow fall yesterday we will go sledding today.


It’s a quiet (when the kids aren’t bickering), slow time and I love it. I have begun to slowly look ahead to the new year that’s coming in just a couple of days. I don’t have resolutions and I don’t pick a word for the year. I do hope to continue where I feel drawn to go. To listen really well to the whispers. To be present. To take those big deep breaths. To be open to what may come. To be aware of being divinely guided at all times (because we are).
The making will continue of course. I’ve been bitten again by the sock bug. I have a sweater on the needles and lots of yarn calling to me. Spinning on a spindle is still hard and something I want to “get”. I have new water colors and I’m thinking of starting a regular time to work in a sketchbook again. A tiny one is coming. I was torn on wether to just work on loose sheets or in a book. I’m thinking I will as before glue down things I do on separate sheets in the book.

For right now I will go back into the in between time for just a bit longer. Happy New Year.

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