What making means to me

 There are days where I screw things up. The meal didn’t taste right, I forgot to get a much needed something, I should of been quiet and instead I said the wrong thing (that’s the worst).
It happens with making too. The inner soundtrack of “this is awful” (sometimes it just is), the feeling of I will never get it right or be good enough. It always boils down to that doesn’t it? If you’re someone that doesn’t ever feel these things please share your secret. In spite of all that I (we) keep going for it, working on it, doing, making.
I’ve been thinking about why we make. What is it that drives us? I heard a hand dyer recently say that she “has” to dye yarn every day. Artist Alisa Burke shared in an Instagram post that art making is the only way she knows to quiet her mind. A knitter stated that her day isn’t complete without some knitting. img_2141
I feel exactly the same way and if you’re a maker (of any kind) I’m sure you do too. Things (life) won’t always turn out the way we planned, we (me) will try and fail, things will suck, things will get better. You’ll say the wrong thing, spill water all over your painting, screw up your knitting, burn the dinner. In spite of all that what making means to me is the knowing that creating (in whatever form) is necessary everyday. Yes, we (I) want it to turn out “right” but isn’t that just the icing on the already delicious cake? The making is really where it’s at. It’s a part of who we (me) are. It’s the quieting of the mind, the balm on an otherwise busy and stressful world, the joy of getting it right, the trying, the connection, the discovery and wonder of it all. It allows me to show up more fully for life, for those I love, for myself. This is a reminder for us (me) when we feel like why bother? We won’t ever be as good as so and so. No one will care. Well, I do care. Keep making, keep trying. We need you. It’s necessary. It’s a part of who you are.

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  1. anne says:

    Such a beautiful, thoughtful post, Dana. I’ve been thinking similar thoughts lately. And along the lines of what constitutes a waste of time (and materials) and what doesn’t (and who should decide). When we push aside those things we must do for ourselves (for whatever reasons), we lose something important.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    (I absolutely LOVE those colored squares and rectangles!).

  2. OMG serendipity! I literally just spent an hour creating something (which was crap) in order to break the tedium of cleaning up and prepping for visitors – I’ve spent all week doing anything but create and had become a bear with a sore head! So i understand exactly what you’re saying – but you have beautiful pictures to accompany your wise words 🙂 Happy Christmas xx

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