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One Good Thing

I can’t remember if I heard Elizabeth Gilbert talk about it on a podcast or I read it in her book. She mentioned that she does (did) write down One Good Thing from her day on a piece of paper and put it in a box or bowl. No matter how crappy the day was there was at least ONE good thing about the day. I LOVED that idea so much. I started doing it with my family at the dinner table. They were used to me doing things like this. Before writing it down I would ask them to tell my something good from the day at bedtime. This way was more fun. I would hand out paper and we would take turns telling if we felt like it. Other times if we didn’t want to share it we just folded it up and I put them in an old crock. We would use scrap paper and date and sign it. We sadly fell out of the practice but I really want to start it up again. It’s a great way to think about your day and find at least ONE good thing from it. Of course there are days when there are many good things but then there are others that don’t feel so good but I believe we can look back on the day and find at least one. My kids saw me working on this graphic for you (and me) to use and I don’t know if they will be up for doing it anymore but I will do it and I will do it at dinnertime and share and just maybe they will too. I hope you will consider doing this also. It will be fun to do with your family and look back on it years down the road or just do it for yourself. If you right click on the image below you can save it to your computer and print from there.

Wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday season. I’m off to enjoy mine.

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What making means to me

 There are days where I screw things up. The meal didn’t taste right, I forgot to get a much needed something, I should of been quiet and instead I said the wrong thing (that’s the worst).
It happens with making too. The inner soundtrack of “this is awful” (sometimes it just is), the feeling of I will never get it right or be good enough. It always boils down to that doesn’t it? If you’re someone that doesn’t ever feel these things please share your secret. In spite of all that I (we) keep going for it, working on it, doing, making.
I’ve been thinking about why we make. What is it that drives us? I heard a hand dyer recently say that she “has” to dye yarn every day. Artist Alisa Burke shared in an Instagram post that art making is the only way she knows to quiet her mind. A knitter stated that her day isn’t complete without some knitting. img_2141
I feel exactly the same way and if you’re a maker (of any kind) I’m sure you do too. Things (life) won’t always turn out the way we planned, we (me) will try and fail, things will suck, things will get better. You’ll say the wrong thing, spill water all over your painting, screw up your knitting, burn the dinner. In spite of all that what making means to me is the knowing that creating (in whatever form) is necessary everyday. Yes, we (I) want it to turn out “right” but isn’t that just the icing on the already delicious cake? The making is really where it’s at. It’s a part of who we (me) are. It’s the quieting of the mind, the balm on an otherwise busy and stressful world, the joy of getting it right, the trying, the connection, the discovery and wonder of it all. It allows me to show up more fully for life, for those I love, for myself. This is a reminder for us (me) when we feel like why bother? We won’t ever be as good as so and so. No one will care. Well, I do care. Keep making, keep trying. We need you. It’s necessary. It’s a part of who you are.

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Happy December

December already? I think the older I get the faster it goes. This month is often filled with such busy, festive activities. I love them all but they can also leave me exhausted and craving the calm of the new year.

For this month I’ve signed up for The Healthy Knitter’s Project Peace. What a wonderful thing to focus on this month. The cowl pattern has a simple and soothing stitch pattern. It’s worked in a fingering weight yarn but I’m doing mine in a bulky yarn on large needles. I love bulky cowls and I already had this yarn on hand. Each day you should do one pattern repeat which is 4 rounds. I will probably finish mine before 12/21 which is what the pattern suggested but on 12/21 (winter solstice) Christina (The Healthy Knitter) is calling for a world-wide knit-in for peace day. She also is sharing tips on her blog each day on how to bring more peace into your life. According to her blog there have been 16,000 downloads of this pattern. If you knit or know someone who does I hope you consider joining in.

I’ve been playing around with the hot press watercolor paper some more and I’m starting to like it. I really look forward to spending some time each day (even for 15-20 minutes with my paint). I’m going to have to move my painting table to make room for the Christmas tree but it’s easy to do.

And in case you didn’t get the mini gratitude journal sign up for my newsletter (link in the side bar) and get access to it. I’ve been adding things to and it’s just about all filled up.

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November…so far

Here we are a few days into November and I seriously want to be knitting and painting all the things. There’s the Hitchhiker by Martina Behm. A colorwork hat I’m really excited about. The tension isn’t great and I’m not sure why except that I haven’t done much colorwork lately. I’ve also been painting watercolor wreaths nearly every day and loving it. I’ve shared here before. There’s something so soothing about a wreath shape and combined with the flow of the water and paints it’s just great to do. For some paintings I’ve been filling the middle with things that I’m grateful for, things that are bringing me joy and things I feel such great appreciation for. It has helped me to do this because it forces me to focus on what is right and turn away from what could be different etc. I think Oprah introduced me to gratitude lists years ago and I believe I did write some but then stopped. I would also mentally give thanks for things before going to sleep at night. I like that too but there’s something about writing it while thinking about it that has such power.

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Going on

I tried recording a Vlog a bunch of times today but it just wasn’t working and I had to stop. So here’s a snap of some of what I spoke of over and over while failing to record it. Hopefully next week it will work. Have a great weekend!

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Joy and Gratitude


It’s been so great to stop and acknowledge things that you are grateful for and bring you joy.

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Vlog 2- Knitting, dyeing and more

I came back with a video again. It was still hard but I like these little weekly chats.

The e-book I mentioned is called Botanical Color by Rebecca Desnos. Her site is here I believe you can now buy an actual book as well.
This is the avocado pitt dyed superwash merino and nylon yarn. What do you think?
I picked these zinnias this morning.

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