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Beginnings of painting in my sketchbook+a video

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I made the video below for ART*FULL Sketchbook, I am just showing a sketchbook from last year and how you can contain all your notes,ideas, experiments into one place.

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His book and the power of it

Over the weekend my little guy asked me to buy him his own sketchbook! Working in mine was o.k. but he wanted a place to make his own marks and interpretations. I thought it was just great.

I saw the power of the sketchbook that day. Earlier he had an upset with his sister and he came over and wanted to draw in my book. I said of course. He got to work and kept going. He calmed himself in that moment and I was reminded of a show I had watched just a few days earlier with Oprah. She was talking about a town where the kids are taught to meditate at a very early age. She met an 8 year old girl who had a fight with her sibling. She went to meditate after that. Oprah asked why she liked it and she said she didn’t know it just made her FEEL BETTER.

That was just what I saw with my son while he was drawing in my sketchbook. He felt better while doing it. And of course drawing puts you into that zone that where time floats away. You get lost. YOU FEEL BETTER.

So we promptly went out and he picked a black hardbound sketchbook of his very own. He knew just what he wanted. I hope it is a habit he will continue.

I will share some pages from my new sketchbook in my next post.

P.S. If you want to create a sketchbook habit come play with us this April!

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Bring a friend for FREE to ART*FULL Sketchbook

Today is Valentine’s Day and to share the LOVE I invite you to sign up today 2/14 or tomorrow 2/15 for ART*FULL Sketchbook and bring a friend for FREE!

*Just leave me the email address of your friend in the notes to seller. Bring a friend for free only applies to the workshop!

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Arranging colored pencils,trying to draw with a four year old, papers for the workshop, said 4 yr. old deciding arranging isn’t her thing. How did your day go?

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Introducing ART*FULL Sketchbook

I really tried to make a video with me talking, well in fact I did make one but in the end I thought this was way better.

I will be making videos for the workshop though! I have been working hard on this. I am super excited for this! One of my passions, not a surprise I am sure, is sketchbooks! I have been working every day in mine. DREAMS+ACTION=MIRACLES

It is a little nerve wracking but remember my word for the year is GROW. So there is my little secret thing I have been working on. I hope to share it with YOU!

Here is the link to more info and please contact me if you have any questions! I hope to see you there. xo