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Beautiful things

Lori’s story – Gratitude Grows. from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

Have you guys heard of Lori Portka and her Gratitude Story? I was so moved by it. I know you will love it.
I realize it is almost June but early this month Creativebug released more watercolor classes with Yao Cheng. I’m not all the way through them but I’ve been practicing in my Daily Sketchbook. I know I’ve said it before but I really love her simplistic approach to watercolor. She makes it look so easy.
Also, Creativebug is giving away a one month creative pass to the site. So if you wanted to give it try now may be a good time.

Classes with Helen Dealtry from Helen Dealtry on Vimeo.
And one more beautiful thing which is added to my bucket list. Looks great doesn’t it?

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Blog Love Day 17

Picture 151
I am saying goodbye to the “blog love” for awhile. I have to admit that it has now become more work then love. Not sure why but this will be my last “blog love” posts. Onward to something new. xoxo

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Blog Love Day 16: Painting

Picture 1938
I just want to paint. I just need to paint. Painting makes me happy. I know many of us feel this way. Painting never gets boring or old. There is always something else to learn, try and practice. Today I played with gouache on gessoed watercolor paper. I like how the gesso keeps the paint from soaking right in. Here are the photos I snapped yesterday on my walk. Another thing that also makes me happy. 🙂
Picture 1918
Picture 1927
Picture 1922
Picture 1920
Picture 1926
Picture 1928

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Blog Love Day 15

Picture 1913
A short amount of time for painting does wonders for the soul. They tasted pretty yummy too. A reminder to do more of what makes you happy. And with that I am off to take a walk on this beautifully sunny day and snap some pics of the flowers in bloom. Love.

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Blog Love Day 14: New York

Picture 69064
I will always be a New Yorker through and through even if some day I no longer live here. Even though I don’t live in the city anymore it still holds a piece of my heart. Going to college and working there was a wonderful experience. Spending lots of time there with my now husband during that time was wonderful too. Picture 69068
These pics were taken from a quick day trip. I missed the city. It was good to visit again.
Picture 69086


Blog Love Day 13:Yellow

Picture 1900
There are bursts of yellow all of the place. Daffodils, forsythia and even dandelions. It is so nice to see the bright pop of color.
Picture 1892
Wishing you a wonderful weekend. xo


Blog Love Day 12: Start to finish

Picture 126
Picture 127
Picture 128
Picture 131
Picture 132

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