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Hello out there!

I really can’t believe that summer is unofficially over! The season zipped by in a blink. The warm weather is still upon us but I’ve spotted trees doing their magic by transforming from green sporting spots of red and gold.

The kids are back to school tomorrow and I guess it’s really time to say goodbye to all the things I love about summer. Most importantly the time spent with my kids. 🙁
I’m up to day 251 already in my daily sketchbook. I kinda can’t believe I’m still with. It’s kept me creatively connected during the busy days of summer at Camp Mom. Lol.
Knitting has also been right here with me throughout the summer. I finished this scarf just today. It’s traveled with me to many places and I can’t wait to send it off to a friend.
Peyton Hearts
I also want to mention #peytonheartproject. Basically it’s a project that knitters and crocheters can participate in by knitting or crocheting small hearts and attaching positive messages to them and scattering them around where someone will find it. It was started as a way to raise awareness of bullying and teen suicide after a young boy took his life. Here is the link to the facebook page to learn more about the project and request the tag file if you are interested.

I’ve also been reading some. I LOVED this book so much. I read Fall of Marigolds earlier this year and then The Shape of Mercy right before this one. I loved them all.

I also wanted to jam some other good things into this already full post.

Craft in the Middle of Motherhood: I was led to this post (thanks Anne) and I have to say there are so many things I can relate to and I’m sure you can too.

-I’ve said it before but I love podcasts. I love listening to them while I’m cooking dinner, cleaning, folding laundry, so basically a lot!

This one is so good so far. First Day Back. It chronicles a mom who wants to get back to her career after staying home with her boys for the past 6 years. I’m on episode 4 but it’s very well done and I can’t wait to find out what happens.

Did you know that Elizabeth Gilbert has a podcast? It’s called Magic Lessons. It sorta goes along with her forth coming book, Big Magic. I can’t wait for mine to show up any day.

Kelly Rae Roberts also has a podcast that is lovely. There are only three and you can find them here.

That was a lot. Phew. I would love to hear any book/movie/podcast recommendations if you want to share or even if you just want to say hi!

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I painted this little guy for a friend.
I finished this crochet bag for my mom. I was pretty happy with it even though I used the wrong hook and it came out a big too big and loose. I will try another smaller one soon.
We had a beautiful double rainbow spreading across the neighborhood.
I began a new shawl. I ran into a few trouble spots only because I was distracted so I pulled back a few rows and now I’m doing well.
And apparently I’m in a blue phase. 🙂
What’s going on with you lately?

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This, That and Daily Sketchbook

photo 1
I’ve just finished up part 1 of the watercolor class with Yao Cheng on Creativebug. It was lots of fun to do and I’m looking forward to part 2. I like her carefree approach to the medium. These are some of the exercises. I really enjoyed watching all the colors mingle together.
photo 2
This one just happened to match the crochet bag (pattern from Attic24). She states to knot the new color but it was looking messy so I looked in one of my books and was reminded that it looks better to fasten off before joining in a new color.
On the Daily Sketchbook front I played with some different tools like my fine line painting pen, my ruling pen and my tracing wheel.
Then I moved on to creating some patterns. These pics aren’t great. One day a better camera will happen.
Finally, I played a bit with different brushes and strokes. It was fun.
I did manage to finish my Haiku shawl. It’s very pretty but would look much better on someone built like Kate Moss. 🙂
I had to frog my knitted cowl and I’m kinda itching to start one of these.

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Summer Shawls

kids 004
It really wasn’t in my plan for the summer. They weren’t even on the radar but somehow I’ve been taken over with a shawl frenzy. I’m one to catch a chill easily so really I can’t wait to finish one. Plus all the learning, trying new yarn and colors have kept me happily knitting/crocheting along.

The above one is Haiku from Quince and Co. It is a joy to work on and I think at some point I want to make one in a lighter color.
This shawlette is Pebble Beach by Helen Stewart of Curious Handmade. This pattern is written so well. Every row it gives you stitch count and it lets you know what percent of the shawl you have completed. I am enjoying it immensely. Another one I will try again.
kids 018
I couldn’t wait to start Let Your Heart Unwind by Joji Locatelli. I love the name and I love the color she knit the sample in. For some reason this one is proving more challenging for me and the one I want to work on the least. Hmm..
Please visit each pattern page to see them all done and pretty.

I have about 5 (probably more) shawl patterns waiting in the wings. And then of course there are the socks, and baby blanket and,and,and. 🙂

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A few posts back I mentioned this blog. Also, a few posts ago I had mentioned I was collecting yarn for a summer crochet project. Above is the start of it.

Kate had written a post about creating a motif a day in May. Of course I didn’t find this until nearly the end of May but I fell in love with the idea and the motifs. Her basic idea was to create a motif a day for the simple pleasure and meditative qualities yarn work brings to you. I had to order the book but unfortunately when I did the book was destroyed (according to the USPS) in transit and so I had to re-order the book. Recently it arrived. It is wonderful.

I haven’t been making one a day and I have no idea what I will do with them at the moment but it is one my summer projects. I think it will be easy to fit in among all the general summer activity. So far I have learned some new crochet techniques and I have enjoyed working out different color combos. I also imagine doing a really large one in a heavy yarn. I think it could be incredible.