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Hello. How has October been? Tomorrow is the last day already. It’s amazing. The year has flown by. Ah…
I’m still at with my Daily Sketchbook but as the numbers are going higher my commitment is getting hard to keep up with. I’ve given myself many days off, not in a row but I’m sure it’s at least 7 now. I was feeling a bit uninspired and discouraged but always once I sit down to work in it I enjoy it. I’ve been using this sketchbook for awhile and I love it so much. It holds up to so many mediums. I’ve used acrylic, gouache, pencil, pen, markers and crayons and it only had a tiny bit of wrinkling. You can find it at all the major craft stores too.
Earlier this month I attended the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck. It was as great as always. Tons of gorgeous fiber, color, knitwear and animals. I was lucky to get this galley copy of Clara Parkes’ new book signed by Clara herself. It’s due out in February.
I completed this Laurus Hat. It was only my second color work project and I’m not sure why but the tension was a bit off this time on the colorwork. If you are interested in the pattern here’s the link. It’s a free pattern as part of the Fringe Association Hat A Long. There’s also a few more free patterns in the series so check it out if you want to try them out.
Turn a Square 1 (2)
I made my husband this Turn A Square hat. I varied the stripes because I made a mistake and by the time I realized it I decided to just go with it. I learned a lot with the pattern. It’s by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed. I love how he writes his patterns. They’re very well done.

I hope tomorrow brings treats and little or no tricks. See you in November!

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Hello out there!

I really can’t believe that summer is unofficially over! The season zipped by in a blink. The warm weather is still upon us but I’ve spotted trees doing their magic by transforming from green sporting spots of red and gold.

The kids are back to school tomorrow and I guess it’s really time to say goodbye to all the things I love about summer. Most importantly the time spent with my kids. 🙁
I’m up to day 251 already in my daily sketchbook. I kinda can’t believe I’m still with. It’s kept me creatively connected during the busy days of summer at Camp Mom. Lol.
Knitting has also been right here with me throughout the summer. I finished this scarf just today. It’s traveled with me to many places and I can’t wait to send it off to a friend.
Peyton Hearts
I also want to mention #peytonheartproject. Basically it’s a project that knitters and crocheters can participate in by knitting or crocheting small hearts and attaching positive messages to them and scattering them around where someone will find it. It was started as a way to raise awareness of bullying and teen suicide after a young boy took his life. Here is the link to the facebook page to learn more about the project and request the tag file if you are interested.

I’ve also been reading some. I LOVED this book so much. I read Fall of Marigolds earlier this year and then The Shape of Mercy right before this one. I loved them all.

I also wanted to jam some other good things into this already full post.

Craft in the Middle of Motherhood: I was led to this post (thanks Anne) and I have to say there are so many things I can relate to and I’m sure you can too.

-I’ve said it before but I love podcasts. I love listening to them while I’m cooking dinner, cleaning, folding laundry, so basically a lot!

This one is so good so far. First Day Back. It chronicles a mom who wants to get back to her career after staying home with her boys for the past 6 years. I’m on episode 4 but it’s very well done and I can’t wait to find out what happens.

Did you know that Elizabeth Gilbert has a podcast? It’s called Magic Lessons. It sorta goes along with her forth coming book, Big Magic. I can’t wait for mine to show up any day.

Kelly Rae Roberts also has a podcast that is lovely. There are only three and you can find them here.

That was a lot. Phew. I would love to hear any book/movie/podcast recommendations if you want to share or even if you just want to say hi!

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Daily Sketchbook Lately

Life has been a swirl of end of the year activities and finally summer break is here. Yay! I’ve continued to work in my sketchbook every day and as of today I’ve hit I think 174 days.
I’ve been spending time on drawing. Lots of blind contour drawings which are always amazing to me. I love doing them.
I’ve been bouncing around with subject matter but to me the practice is the point. There certainly is an endless supply of things to create and very often I just have to pick quickly. And of course it is relaxation inducing. Day by day the number creeps up and I just keep focusing on it day by day and not think of all the days to come. Off to do my page for today.

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Recent Daily Sketchbook

93 96 97 105

My recent Daily Sketchbook pages have been all about paper. I can’t even remember why had the paper out but I’m glad I did. I have so much of it and hadn’t been inspired to use it for so long but then once I started to play with it I couldn’t stop. It’s fun to create something out of a simple piece of paper.

I’m nearing the end of my current sketchbook and I’m debating on which one I will use next. I can’t even believe that I’m already over 100 days into this project (and the year). Other daily “sketchbookers” that I follow on Instagram really help to keep me motivated and interested in this project and really just doing it keeps me going if that makes any sense.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

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How’s it going? Daily Sketchbook pages have continued during our spring break. I tried to experiment with a very old calligraphy fountain pen. It was junked up and the new (but old) cartridge just wouldn’t flow. So I used my equally old calligraphy marker and it was fine.
Then I quickly switched to drawing lots of owls because a friend asked me to do a painting of an owl for her but I had never drawn/painted one before. I started to really love these birds. I still haven’t done the painting but I have time.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with a special announcement. For now on our last day of play it’s supposed to finally be warm and sunny so we plan to get out and enjoy it.


This, That and Daily Sketchbook

photo 1
I’ve just finished up part 1 of the watercolor class with Yao Cheng on Creativebug. It was lots of fun to do and I’m looking forward to part 2. I like her carefree approach to the medium. These are some of the exercises. I really enjoyed watching all the colors mingle together.
photo 2
This one just happened to match the crochet bag (pattern from Attic24). She states to knot the new color but it was looking messy so I looked in one of my books and was reminded that it looks better to fasten off before joining in a new color.
On the Daily Sketchbook front I played with some different tools like my fine line painting pen, my ruling pen and my tracing wheel.
Then I moved on to creating some patterns. These pics aren’t great. One day a better camera will happen.
Finally, I played a bit with different brushes and strokes. It was fun.
I did manage to finish my Haiku shawl. It’s very pretty but would look much better on someone built like Kate Moss. 🙂
I had to frog my knitted cowl and I’m kinda itching to start one of these.

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I’ve been continuing with my Daily Sketchbook and just yesterday I began to feel a bit tired of it. 70 something days into it I guess it’s to be expected.

We’re still in winter weather with snow expected to arrive along with the first day of spring. I think it won’t be long now until warmer days though.

I’ve been finishing (well, trying to) yarn projects. Like socks for my son (done) and my Haiku shawl for me (getting there). I also have a cowl to complete and I’m fighting the urge to start a new something. There’s never a shortage of awesome yarn and patterns out there is there?

I’ve signed up for Creativebug since they lowered their monthly fee and I was so enticed by the watercolor class by Yao Cheng. I haven’t started it yet as my supplies just recently arrived but will soon. I did watch the first two lessons though. I have to say that I really prefer Craftsy classes for many reasons but I do like the aesthetic of Creativebug and I think Yao did a wonderful job. She got me excited to play with watercolor.

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