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Sketch and a sock

Felt tip marker with water and a sock with my hand dyed yarn. Dyeing some brown today for the heels and toes.

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Daily Sketchbook Lately

Life has been a swirl of end of the year activities and finally summer break is here. Yay! I’ve continued to work in my sketchbook every day and as of today I’ve hit I think 174 days.
I’ve been spending time on drawing. Lots of blind contour drawings which are always amazing to me. I love doing them.
I’ve been bouncing around with subject matter but to me the practice is the point. There certainly is an endless supply of things to create and very often I just have to pick quickly. And of course it is relaxation inducing. Day by day the number creeps up and I just keep focusing on it day by day and not think of all the days to come. Off to do my page for today.

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Days 18-22 {Daily Sketchbook}

I have a list of subjects for this project. I don’t even think houses made the list. I had been admiring the work of Grandma Moses and decided to give houses a try. Day 19 is very loosely based on our house and the rest are from ones in our village. I really enjoyed making wonky, imperfect houses. It as so much fun. I have a feeling I will revisit this subject this year.

Back to tossing ideas around for tomorrow. xo

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Days 11 and 12 {Daily Sketchbook}

I’ve finished with creamers and sugar bowls for the time being. I’m going to be switching subjects every 5 days and I will share them here at the end of the five days. I’m on to a new subject and it has me thinking of warmer days.

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Days 7-10 {Daily Sketchbook}

For day 7 I decided to work on the easel with a large pad. It was great to work loose by standing back and holding the pencil lightly. I then went and worked in my little book in a loose manner drawing my image from the day before and painting black ink around it.
Day 8 was the start of a new theme. I have a small collection of vintage creamers and sugar bowls so these are my subject this week. I really like the addition of the bright yellow. It was cheery to paint in. The creamer does have flowers on it but I chose not to tackle those and stick with trying to get the shape.
Day 9. Vintage Knowles creamer. I used my Koi brush pens and really enjoyed them. I also used two Sharpie markers but they bled through to the back. Not a big deal to me.
Day 10. I have a very pretty little cut (molded?) glass creamer. This was challenging. A bit frustrating but I decided to turn it and try to capture different areas.

Already I’m feeling like it’s getting easier to show up and easier to screw up knowing that tomorrow is a new day.

I’m thinking to update the blog every few days with this project but I share every day over on Instagram. I’m @danabarbieri73 if you want to follow along. 🙂

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Day 5&6 {Daily Sketchbook}

I was thinking how crazy it is to worry that a drawing in a sketchbook needs to be “right”. The sketchbook is the place to practice and not get it right. Over and over. Some days are going to be bad and others better. Just showing up there is enough. Just making an effort is enough. I have big list weekly themes planned out for this sketchbook. I’m thinking of sticking with plants a little bit longer and still considering going larger. I hope your day is exactly as wish. 🙂

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2/365 Daily Sketchbook

This morning I sat for a bit with my jade plant and did a partial blind contour drawing with my pen. I was holding that pen so tight. I noticed and stopped. I felt the need to “get it right” which is why it became a partial blind contour. That and I got to the edge of the paper and had to look where to start again.

It was a good exercise in just showing up and doing it. I will try not to get attached to the outcome of these daily works. That’s not easy. I think part of my fear with this whole project is that at the end of it I will not have improved at all. So it’s imperative to enjoy the process.

So if you are embarking on some sort of daily creative work this year go check out Crystal Moody and her 2014 project. She is now onto a new one for 2015. Doing a painting a day. Wow! Impressive. She offers lots of advice and encouragement. We need it. I need it. 🙂

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