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Five things

I know. It is Monday and I have done these posts on Friday in the past but I wanted to share anyway. Five lovely things for you, with you.

This pretty website of food stylist and photographer Beatrice Peltre.


Sarah Ahearn’s Three Things for Summer Print.

Woman Waiting with Flowers

Love Regina’s Woman Waiting with Flowers painting.

I love Mati Rose sharing her new home decor line.  Isn’t it great?

I still haven’t read the whole thing but so far the new issue of MOYO is really good.

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Five for Friday

Picture 69301b

I painted this bird for the Joy Exchange that Anne began. It is going out on Monday and I don’t think the recipient visits over here so it was safe to share.

It has been a long time since I shared five fun links so I thought it would be a nice thing to do today.

*A nice interview with Anna Maria Horner and a chance to win her book.
*Sharon shares some fun things to do to shake things up while many of us wait patiently for spring.
*I saw these eggs in the O magazine. Amazing!!

*Oprah interviewed Brene’ Brown. So good!! Hurry and watch. Sunday she is back on. You can catch in live on FB if you don’t get OWN.

*And have you seen Jack? Amazing what a 15 yr. old can do!!

Have an wonderful weekend friends! xoxo

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It’s Friday. The sky is grey and there is a chill in the air. A bit under the weather I want to snuggle under blankets. Maybe I will. But first I will share some links and some more faces.

*I have been interested in learning to write. Beautiful words of others are enticing me and I just borrowed Writing Down the Bones and Living Color both by Natalie Goldberg. I have begun both and they are both great! She has a new one coming out in 2013.
*When I was lamenting on being uninspired for some reason I had forgotten about my pin board. It makes me happy to sit and look at the awesome art.
*An for more on inspiration (love it don’t I?) you have to read Debbie Macomber’s story of how she first got published! Here is a short version but in One Perfect Word she details it so well. She has gone on to write tons… I love stories like that!

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Five for Friday

I have continued with my limited amount of on line time (weather still GORGEOUS) but it seems in the bit of time I have been on line I have discovered some things to share.

*I am a huge fan of Decor8 and of mood boards. Holly shared her personal mood board books and I just love them. I have to do it! I love hunting and gathering and combining. Ah…

*I am adding this to the wish list today! If you like cottage/vintage/fun/bright/flowers/patterns see more images here.

*Matthew Mead shares this really cute display idea.

*Have you heard of the Felt & Wire shop? Really cute handmade papergoods marketplace.

*There is so much talent out there! It is incredible. I am just in love with SO much! Please check out my flickr favorites for some visual delight!

Have a great weekend everyone! xo

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Five for Friday (Dreams)

where the painting is now


Lately I have been having lots of dreams.  Unpleasant dreams, odd dreams, dreams about meeting people I have never met and maybe never will meet, many dreams of painting.

Of course I am the type to want to decode these dreams. From what I understand dreams are always about the dreamer. I will continue to try and make sense of those dreams and I think in many ways I already do understand them.

I have been having waking dreams as well. Well, don’t we all have those?

I don’t know if it is because I am in my last year of my thirties or because my daughter is going to kindergarten in the fall or maybe both but dreams are stirring. I hope to share those soon.

The sun is shining today and I even discovered some crocuses in the yard this week! YAY! Enjoy the weekend guys. xo

*In case you want to decode some of your night time dreams,

*I found some very dreamy art. I love this one and this one and this one just makes me feel good.

I have to end with two for friday guys, I went for a walk and to pick up my daughter at school and feel like I am getting hit with a virus. Sorry.

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Five For Friday

A painting going to a new home 🙂

*Art Hound– Discover new art here.

*I love the way Claire shares her recent visit to the David Hockney exhibition.

*Artist Carol Marine is offering Art Bytes-little byte sized lessons for 5-15 dollars. There are even free ones. I already have some in my library. The one that shares her take on daily painting is very inspiring and free. 🙂

*And just to let you in on it, my two friends Regina and Maegan are kindly offering a giveaway to ART*FULL Sketchbook over on their blogs. Hurry though just a few more days left!

*I shared this in ART*FULL yesterday but will here too. Maybe you already have visited? Get lost in the paintings.

Please have a great weekend! xo


Five for Friday

A new sketchbook

*This is why I love to walk. I now bring my notepad along to jot things down.

*I love getting peeks into how artists/designers spend their day, Amy Butler shares her day here. I am ordering that meditation cd.

*How do you fit your creative time in? Michele Armas shares how she does here.

*Do you read this blog? It is full of good things.

*Five skills worth learning if you are an artist.