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Stopping time

kkThis year more than ever I wish I were able to press pause right now. My little ones aren’t so little anymore. My oldest is 11 and the magic is really fading if not completely gone. My youngest is 9 and she’s starting to deal with the classmates that are naysayers and don’t believe anymore. She’s brought in her official letter from Santa to prove them wrong but I know it won’t be long now before the magic comes to a halt. It has felt that there has been a transition happening for a while now. I’m no longer a mother to little ones that need me as much as they used to. Now one is a tween and just about surpassing me in height, trying to act like he doesn’t need hugs from me (he does) and the other is one her way there. No not yet. Wasn’t I just rocking you to sleep?amll

Sometimes motherhood can feel like one really long and slow heartbreak. It’s all necessary I know but
still hard just the same. So I will be here pausing time as best as I can this holiday season. Holding tight
what magic is still left.

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Vlog 2- Knitting, dyeing and more

I came back with a video again. It was still hard but I like these little weekly chats.

The e-book I mentioned is called Botanical Color by Rebecca Desnos. Her site is here I believe you can now buy an actual book as well.
This is the avocado pitt dyed superwash merino and nylon yarn. What do you think?
I picked these zinnias this morning.

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Sunday morning

Painted large with ink. It was tons of fun and free.

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The state of things


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Hello out there!

I really can’t believe that summer is unofficially over! The season zipped by in a blink. The warm weather is still upon us but I’ve spotted trees doing their magic by transforming from green sporting spots of red and gold.

The kids are back to school tomorrow and I guess it’s really time to say goodbye to all the things I love about summer. Most importantly the time spent with my kids. 🙁
I’m up to day 251 already in my daily sketchbook. I kinda can’t believe I’m still with. It’s kept me creatively connected during the busy days of summer at Camp Mom. Lol.
Knitting has also been right here with me throughout the summer. I finished this scarf just today. It’s traveled with me to many places and I can’t wait to send it off to a friend.
Peyton Hearts
I also want to mention #peytonheartproject. Basically it’s a project that knitters and crocheters can participate in by knitting or crocheting small hearts and attaching positive messages to them and scattering them around where someone will find it. It was started as a way to raise awareness of bullying and teen suicide after a young boy took his life. Here is the link to the facebook page to learn more about the project and request the tag file if you are interested.

I’ve also been reading some. I LOVED this book so much. I read Fall of Marigolds earlier this year and then The Shape of Mercy right before this one. I loved them all.

I also wanted to jam some other good things into this already full post.

Craft in the Middle of Motherhood: I was led to this post (thanks Anne) and I have to say there are so many things I can relate to and I’m sure you can too.

-I’ve said it before but I love podcasts. I love listening to them while I’m cooking dinner, cleaning, folding laundry, so basically a lot!

This one is so good so far. First Day Back. It chronicles a mom who wants to get back to her career after staying home with her boys for the past 6 years. I’m on episode 4 but it’s very well done and I can’t wait to find out what happens.

Did you know that Elizabeth Gilbert has a podcast? It’s called Magic Lessons. It sorta goes along with her forth coming book, Big Magic. I can’t wait for mine to show up any day.

Kelly Rae Roberts also has a podcast that is lovely. There are only three and you can find them here.

That was a lot. Phew. I would love to hear any book/movie/podcast recommendations if you want to share or even if you just want to say hi!

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Beautiful things

Lori’s story – Gratitude Grows. from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

Have you guys heard of Lori Portka and her Gratitude Story? I was so moved by it. I know you will love it.
I realize it is almost June but early this month Creativebug released more watercolor classes with Yao Cheng. I’m not all the way through them but I’ve been practicing in my Daily Sketchbook. I know I’ve said it before but I really love her simplistic approach to watercolor. She makes it look so easy.
Also, Creativebug is giving away a one month creative pass to the site. So if you wanted to give it try now may be a good time.

Classes with Helen Dealtry from Helen Dealtry on Vimeo.
And one more beautiful thing which is added to my bucket list. Looks great doesn’t it?

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My daughter made me a birthday card. Made me laugh. The sweetest. They made me breakfast in bed and gave me presents. There was a Thai lunch out and delicious dark chocolate birthday cake. It was a great day. 🙂


Our second assignment in Full Circle. Little me. About three. We had to find an early photo, a middle of the road one and a current one and then write about it. It was a great exercise. All of the girls before are in there. I found I held those early ones closely. You realize where you were and where you are now. It all matters and makes you who you are.


I started painting flowers. During these days of winter I need color and paint and yarn. It keeps me happy and I believe that helps keep up my immunity. I began a new exercise routine and added kefir to my diet. Feeling very interested in the whole mind/body connection.


The tea pot. I know you can only see a bit but it is beautiful. From England. It was a birthday gift from mom and I have been using it every day. The purple yarn is for fingerless mitts. Two at at time. Well, I am trying. Between Knit Lab in the Round and this book I think I can do it. 🙂


And speaking of books. If you knit read Life in Stitches. You will love it I promise. And The Magic Path of Intuition. Read that one too.


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