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I’ve just finished my lunch. Eaten outside. No jacket on. Patches of snow scattered around the yard like little islands. February in New York. Pretty much unheard of. The last I checked the temp was 72 degrees fahrenheit. The sun is shining and I’ve just hung the freshly washed winter jackets on line.
I’m sure this string of warm days won’t last so I’m soaking it all up. This type of weather gives me lots of creative energy and desire to start new projects. It also has me dreaming of plants, road trips and all the good things that go along with warmer weather.

I finished up my Rosemont Cardiagn recently. I’ve only been able to wear the sweater a few times because it is very warm. I love it though. It feels like a big hug when I put it on.

A few days ago I started my Find Your Fade Shawl. It’s such a joy to work on. I’ve even dyed one of the yarns myself which I can’t wait to use. It’s going to fade from the green to a light yellow to pinks and end with a very pale pink.

And because I’m feeling called I thought I would share a little joy and gratitude list.

1. The warm weather.
2. Getting a haircut and highlight.
3. Starting a new book.
4. Seeing my daughter with a beautiful smile after having her braces taken off.
5. Dreaming of the warmer months ahead.
6. My orchid blooming.
7. Hamburgers on the grill.
8. Walks outside.

Please share something you’re enjoying.

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Abundant Joy Booklet {a mini gratitude journal}

My friend Anne and I joined up again to create a special gift of joy and gratitude just for you. Anne has been a huge inspiration to many with her emphasis on not only noticing what brings her joy but also documenting it with her Joy List Monday’s. While I’ve been hit or miss with documenting my joy and gratitude through the years I’ve more recently taken to adding them to paintings as well as jotting them down in a book. It has changed my days for sure. It helps so much to pay attention to the things that bring you joy and for which you feel grateful for.
Anne and I are so excited to share this mini gratitude journal with you. My newsletter will be going out tonight and it will include this special gift just for you. So light a candle, pour your favorite beverage and write down what it is your feeling grateful for.

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A gift

If you aren’t on my mailing list please consider signing up. The form is on the right. I promise to not bombard your inbox but will reach out from time to time with things just for subscribers.
Tomorrow evening I will be sending out a newsletter with a special gift inside. You can see a bit of it above.

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Knitting and painting

For all the knitting I do I haven’t finished anything in awhile . Today I finished the Splitback Snowflake Hat by Susan B. Anderson. I love how cozy this hat is. I bought the book that is recommended in the pattern. It’s where the snowflake pattern came from. It teaches you about color dominance in color work. Basically it depends on which hand you hold which color in that determines which color dominates. I had already started the color work by the time I read this so in some spots the lighter color gets lost. I plan on picking another pattern to make another hat and work on my tension and the color dominance. I’m planning to wear this hat a lot this winter particularly to the Christmas tree farm and to NYC to see the sights next month.

I’ve also been painting tons and loving it. I bought a different paper (hot press) to try out and it turns out it isn’t for me. At least not for watercolor. I will go back to my other paper and I have three other papers I love. I don’t have a studio but recently I decided if I want to paint then I would get a folding table and work on that. So I have been doing that and it is working out fine. I can keep all my things out and it’s easy to sit down and get to work. I think that’s where I will head now.


Zinnias again

After feeling completely frustrated while trying to design a cowl I took a break to play with brushes and twigs.

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I’m sitting in my yard on this first day of summer. It’s quiet minus the birds and the distant rumble of trucks and the hum of our neighbors air conditioner. There’s a slight breeze but the air is heavy with humidity. I spy two birds (doves maybe) on the telephone wires above me. It’s a good day.

The children are at school for their last full day. My oldest is completing his elementary education. Soon the days will be filled with ice cream, water, camping, sand and lots of summer magic. I can’t wait.

It’s been so long since I’ve written much here. I’m feeling the pull to start sharing again. Taking photos. Filling you in on what I’m reading, listening to and making. I’m looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to hearing what you’ve been up to as well.

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2×2: 2 Artists, 2 Sketchbooks//Week 62

Week 62
This is it guys. Our final 2×2 spread. 62 weeks. Wow!
I love the pretty flowers Anne painted this week. A perfect ending to our project.
Week 62 Detail
On Friday we will post a little celebratory post. For now make sure you stop by Anne’s blog to read her post for the week.
2×2: 2 artists, 2 sketchbooks, a collaboration between artists Dana Barbieri and Anne Butera.

Dana and Anne met in an online painting class. Although they have never met in person they have become friends through regular visits to each others blogs. It was through this connection that this project began.

Wanting to move from friendship to collaboration, each spent two months filling one half of a sketchbook
before mailing it off to the other. Dana worked on the left-hand pages and Anne on the right. Each will be responding to the other’s work on the adjacent sketchbook pages over the coming year. Watch weekly as they reveal another page of their story.

About the artists:

Dana is an artist and crafter living in the foothills of the Catskill mountains two hours north of New York City with her husband, two children and little kitty. She is passionate about painting, knitting, crochet, color, pattern and design.

Anne is an artist, writer and crafter who finds inspiration and joy in the beauty of her garden and the magic of nature. Dissatisfied with and disheartened by the pace and lifestyle of the city, she and her husband (with their two rescued greyhounds and an aging Siamese) relocated to a small town in the beautiful Driftless region in southwest Wisconsin with the goal of living a slower, simpler, more intention.

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