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Joy and Gratitude


It’s been so great to stop and acknowledge things that you are grateful for and bring you joy.

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Joy, Gratitude and Appreciation

I was feeling a bit of stress and worry this morning and decided to stop those thoughts and find some things to be thankful for. It made such a difference! I had a lot of fun and it helped me change my feelings. Stress and worry only exist in our minds anyway so why not replace those worry thoughts with feel good ones. Does it eliminate what was causing the worry? No, but that’s not the point. I thank Anne from My Giant Strawberry for being so good about writing her joy lists and inspiring us to do the same. I hope you try writing one of your own.

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Joys and Blessings

I’ve been mentally noting joys and blessing lately but Anne reminded me of writing it down in her most recent post. So here’s mine.

*Sunny skies
*A lunch date with my husband
*Delicious food eaten on that date
*Chocolate Mint Rooibos tea
*Birthday calls, messages and cards
*That cute cardinal above sitting right outside my window this morning
*Bowling with the family
*My amaryllis blooming
*A deep, dark chocolate cake waiting to be covered in candles and eaten later tonight

What about you? Would love to hear yours.

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Joy and Gratitude in June

I have the natural tendency to see the negatives in life rather than the positive. I work daily to see the good and positive instead. What about you? *I want to add that even though I think that is my natural tendency I have worked hard to overcome that and that isn’t my tendency anymore. 🙂

Anne had a great idea to focus this month on JOY! She has dubbed it Joy in June. Here is the post where she tells you all about it.

I love this idea. To actively find something to be joyful about every day brings more joy plus it allows you to slow down enough to soak it in. I will post here and on Instagram. So maybe you want to join in?

The above photo is a lovely plant that we got over the weekend. It is part of the grouping we did on the cart below. All reds and whites and I love it.


Another nice thing I’m doing this month is a daily gratitude list. I received an email from The Secret author Rhonda Byrne. It ties into her new book but this first email is to write every morning 10 things you are grateful for and WHY! That was the big part for me. The why of it all. So today was the first day and again it forces you to really count your blessings. 27 days of doing this is the challenge. Consider doing one, the other or both. xo

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Joy List Monday

Inspired by Anne. Here is my joy list. Love doing this.