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April MATS Assignment Bootcamp

This April assignment was so much fun. It’s a real live brief given by Lilla Rogers. A lucky student will have their design be used for the promotion of The Global Art Gathering.

I began researching Brighton as best as I could. I’ve never been but from what I gathered it’s a fun, creative seaside town. I had been working in my sketchbook with paper (some of it letters for the mini assignment) and so I kept to that medium.

The poster is big, 20″x30″ so the thought of creating it all traditionally and getting the color palette right was a bit daunting. So I decided to take the traditional into Photoshop.

I laid out all of the pieces mostly to scale to get a basic idea of the layout. photo 11
photo 12
I then edited it in PS. It was a ton of fun to do at that point since there were so many possibilities. That’s one thing I love about the computer.

I hope you enjoyed a bit of the behind the scenes of creating the design. 🙂

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Mats Assignment Bootcamp January

I signed up for Make Art That Sells Assignment Bootcamp course on a whim. I really was unsure of this ecourse. Would I be able to keep up? Would I be able to make a decent piece of art? Would I even enjoy making what we were asked to make? I knew all about Lilla Rogers and her wonderful reputation working with top notch artists. So far she has given a interesting assignment and lovely interview. All the other artists are so helpful. It’s truly a very supportive group.

My painted piece is above and as you can see it was for a journal cover. The theme was Edwardian Brooches. At first I wasn’t feeling very inspired by this subject but when I came upon the cameo brooches I got interested. I sketched out a few ideas and then worked with Lilla’s color palette to paint it up. I really love how imperfect she is and I’m happy I completed the assignment on time. On Tuesday 1/27 the gallery goes live. Go have a look at all the talent out there. You will be blown away. xoxo

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