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Sunday morning

Painted large with ink. It was tons of fun and free.

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Days 18-22 {Daily Sketchbook}

I have a list of subjects for this project. I don’t even think houses made the list. I had been admiring the work of Grandma Moses and decided to give houses a try. Day 19 is very loosely based on our house and the rest are from ones in our village. I really enjoyed making wonky, imperfect houses. It as so much fun. I have a feeling I will revisit this subject this year.

Back to tossing ideas around for tomorrow. xo

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October Paint Along Lately


I’ve been on a butterfly painting kick for the October Paint Along. They have all come from my head and that is a lot of fun for me.

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October Paint Along Day 2

photo 3

Day 2 of painting. Bad pic. Sorry. But I love these colors so much. It was a great time spent painting.

photo 2

The above was done for Inktober which I just learned about yesterday. Basically, do a drawing for a day, or every day in October in ink and share it. Wherever you wish with the hashtag #inktober.

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October Paint Along

photo 1

Elisa and I are painting along together for the month of October. Maybe you want to join? Spend 20 minutes or 2 hours. Every day, once a week. The point is to paint. Play with new media if you wish or not. Share if you want. If you do let us know or share on Instagram with the hashtag #octoberpaintalong.

I grabbed this leaf off the porch as I was coming home on this rainy, grey day and painted for a short time.

Hope you play along. xox

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My daughter made me a birthday card. Made me laugh. The sweetest. They made me breakfast in bed and gave me presents. There was a Thai lunch out and delicious dark chocolate birthday cake. It was a great day. 🙂


Our second assignment in Full Circle. Little me. About three. We had to find an early photo, a middle of the road one and a current one and then write about it. It was a great exercise. All of the girls before are in there. I found I held those early ones closely. You realize where you were and where you are now. It all matters and makes you who you are.


I started painting flowers. During these days of winter I need color and paint and yarn. It keeps me happy and I believe that helps keep up my immunity. I began a new exercise routine and added kefir to my diet. Feeling very interested in the whole mind/body connection.


The tea pot. I know you can only see a bit but it is beautiful. From England. It was a birthday gift from mom and I have been using it every day. The purple yarn is for fingerless mitts. Two at at time. Well, I am trying. Between Knit Lab in the Round and this book I think I can do it. 🙂


And speaking of books. If you knit read Life in Stitches. You will love it I promise. And The Magic Path of Intuition. Read that one too.


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This one is from a few days ago but it is coming down pretty much the same way right now. School break is extended so we are snuggled inside.
The hat! After three tries (and still with some mistakes) I have finished my first hat!! Yipee. amp
I am enjoying this new painting from one of my favorite artists, AnnaMaria Potamiti.
jan1jan 2
I started a new sketch book. I love this time of fresh starts. I am not picking just one word this year. I have a few that are my guides. Wishing you a bright, happy 2014! xox

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