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Sketch and a sock

Felt tip marker with water and a sock with my hand dyed yarn. Dyeing some brown today for the heels and toes.

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Sunday morning

Painted large with ink. It was tons of fun and free.

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The state of things


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It was a blink and the summer is over. Kids are back to school. Middle and 4th! Yikes. It’s only 3 days in but things still seem just as full as summer did. I had the idea today while driving to an appointment that I wanted to show up here but in a simple way. What does that mean exactly? Well, I’m thinking it’s a simple photo or 2 of what is going on. What I’m knitting, listening to, inspired by, reading, painting, etc. whatever seems fun. I don’t know how many or if any words will go along with the photo. I think this will take the pressure off of “Did I say the right thing the right way?”and the time it takes to do that. I want it to be enjoyable to me and you. I feel like that’s what it needs to be. Plus, I can be here more often that way. So in case you’re wondering that yarn above is my first acid dyed yarn. It’s for a pair of vanilla socks for my husband. It wasn’t exactly what I planned but it turns out I really like it.

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